How we can help you


  • Permanent Placement 
  • Temporary Placements 
  • Contractual Placements
  • Seasonal Placements

Admin; ICT; SCM; Engineering; Finance; HRM; Project Management; Developers; Call Centre etc.

Disability Management

  • Accredited Disability Management Skills Programme
  • Recruitment of people with disabilities
  • Post-recruitment support to clients
  • Reasonable accommodation
  • Advise on assistive devices
  • Assist with access audits

Executive Search

  • Identifying and understanding your needs
  • Conducting research and mapping the market
  • Approaching and attracting candidates
  • Evaluating and assessing candidates
  • Presenting shortlisted candidates 
  • Assisting with the hiring process 


  • Learnerships and Graduate recruitment are different approaches to talent acquisition, both are aimed at developing new talent and addressing the skills gap that can exist between education and the workplace.

Response Handling

  • Manage all responses through our online portal
  • Assist in drafting adverts for print media
  • Prepare a global list of all applications
  • Prepare a longlist for further shortlisting 
  • Facilitate the entire process up to the interview stage and recommendation stage


  • Fifteen Factor Personality Questionnair (15FQ)
  • Work Related Risk and Integrity Scale (WRISc)
  • Cognitive Process Profile (CPP)
  • Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0 (EQ-I 2.0
  • General Assessments

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