Disability Management

Disability Management Services

Creating a Diverse Workforce

In the vast majority of cases, people with disabilities are unable to find employment. People with disabilities, like any other individual can bring a range of skills, talents and abilities to the workplace. The focus should be on whether the individual meets the inherent requirements of the job.

Ntirho is able to harness and match the abilities of disabled people to contribute meaningfully to your company. We partner you every step of the way, from conducting physical access audits, disability sensitisation training and integration to post-employment support services.

Pre Employment Assessment

Identify work related health risks of the proposed employment.
Advise the company on the prospective employees’ fitness for the job requirements; and
Advise where necessary, on any reasonable accommodation to the work content or environment that may be required.

Post Employment Assessment

Provide you with a support structure after the initial placement; and
Follow up on the integration of the candidate in his/her new employment environment.

Workplace (Ergonomic) Assessments

A workplace assessment is performed by a specialist where the actual workplace of a disabled employee or possible employee is evaluated. The assessment includes but is not limited to functional tasks, workstation functionality and the barriers that could inhibit productivity.

Access Audits

We assist clients to create an environment that is accessible to all. Advise clients on how to improve access to their workspace with the emphasis on accessibility for people with disabilities e.g. on how a disabled person will use the building from the point of entrance. We also make recommendations on how to remove potential barriers.

Disability Awareness Training

Disability Awareness Training is more focused on staff awareness, but this may serve little purpose if it is carried out in a vacuum. It is therefore important that staff development and training initiatives be accompanied by policy and procedural developments within the organisation in relation to the employment of people with disabilities.

Disability Equality Training

Disability Equality Training allows learners to explore disability in an equality context. This training recognises that people with disabilities have the right to participate fully in the economic, social and cultural spheres of society and that such rights are underpinned by legislation. It informs the behaviour and actions of its recipients in relation to disability. Equality training is more effective as it strives to achieve attitudinal change at an organisational level so that disability equality is embedded in all policies, procedures, practices and day to day operations.

"Notice how we don't notice the disability"