Position Senior Secretary
Location Pretoria
Employment Contract
Closing Date 20 March 2021
Vacancy Information

Job Purpose:

To render administrative support with the view of enhancing the quality   of performance of the Office of the Senior Manager



Financial administration and coordination

  • Monitor monthly expenditure patterns and trends to budget projections within the Programme.

  • Coordinate the contract management document register

  • Coordinate financial planning processes.

  • Check relevant documentation for transfers of funds

  • Analyse budget expenditure report and attend to discrepancies with finance for the ODDG: TI.

  • Interact with finance budget coordinators to manage Programme expenditure.

  • Updated Programme cash flow report with monthly expenditure.

  • Up to date contract management register and signed contracts filed electronically on Alfresco.

  • Financial plans coordinated and budget consolidated.

  • Documentation checked and proof of DDG signature recorded.

  • Budget discrepancies identified and response drafted to resolve the matter.

  • Financial expenditure reports received and spreadsheet updated.

 Administrative Support

  • Administer documents and check for compliance in line with the required standard (formatting etc.) or prescripts.

  • Monitor outgoing and incoming documentations and monitor compliance.

  • Draft routine letters, memos, reports, submissions etc.

  • Provide secretariat services in the meetings when required.

  • Provide secretariat service and diary management to the Director.

  • Distribute incoming DG and Ministerial memos to the Programme and follow up on return date memos.

  • Coordinate and consolidate monthly, quarterly, annual plans and reports within the Programme.

  • Make follow up on submissions and activities that need to be submitted.

  • Assist with requests from other Programmes within the DST

  • Assists with reminding colleagues of documentation that are due for top management meetings and check documents for compliance.

  • Document received and checked for processing in line with standard operating procedure.

  • Register of incoming and outgoing documents updated and monitored.

  • Documents drafted and submitted for processing.

  • Minutes of the meeting, packs etc.

  • Secretariat services and Director Diary managed.

  • Memos distributed and followed up on and registered in a spreadsheet

  • Reports coordinated, consolidated and submitted.

  • Tracked submissions and document submitted on time.

  • Timely response to other Programmes’ requests.

  • Programme 2 top management meeting documents submitted on time and in the correct format.

 Events coordination

  • Provide support and inputs during plenary meetings for various events, workshops etc.

  • Inputs provided during plenary of events, workshops etc.

Documents and records keeping

  • Keeping records and ensure that they are easily accessible within Programme 2.

  • Maintain filing system on Alfresco.

  • Updated records keeping and spreadsheet.

  • Easily accessible filling system maintained (electronically).

Minimum requirements:

  • 3 years experience in Office Administration

  • National Diploma or degree Public Administration/Public Management