A Strategic Partnership is Critical to the Success of Hiring


Promoted by the current climate and tighter budgets, there is a lot of pressure on Hiring Managers and the HR Team to source the very best candidate using the most cost-effective means and provide the greatest ROI. Recruitment is a resource-intensive and time-consuming process that requires extensive experience and knowledge to deliver successful results. The Key to maximising recruitment resources is working in partnership with Ntirho Human Capital to formulate an aligned strategy that helps to engender a value-added relationship.


  • Access to the Best possible Resources

        We have access both passive and active job-seekers in the market

  • Extension of your HR Department

        We will become a Brand Ambassador to your organisation

  • Precise

        We will ensure that only qualifying candidates are shortlisted for a specific position.

        Ntirho will manage all queries about the position, and regret unsuccessful applicants.

  • Time Saving

        We will find the best candidates in the shortest possible time and allows HR professional to focus on more strategic HR matters and allow us to focus            on your recruitment

  • Offer Additional Services


  • Sector Knowledge

        We are well versed with the LRA, BCEA and various HR Legislation and we will advise on any developments surrounding your specific industry